Webinar: Never Move Data Again – Combine NAS and Archiving in One Cloud Solution

Unstructured file data is growing faster than ever. But when up to 70% is inactive, keeping it all on NAS is too expensive. And migrating inactive files to cheaper archive tiers is hard to manage for IT and slow to access for users.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about the new cloud solution that enables you to reduce the cost of storing unstructured data without sacrificing performance or moving files to cheaper tiers.

You’ll learn:

  • How cloud file services leverages the low cost and scalability of Amazon S3, Azure blob, Dell EMC ECS, IBM COS and other object storage solutions to offer limitless primary and archive capacity.
  • How costs are automatically reduced as files age, so file data never has to be migrated or tiered again.
  • How edge caching provides access to all files at local LAN speeds, from any office location.
  • How a global file system provides application compatibility, so apps don’t have to be rewritten for object storage.