Life of a File - Nasuni

Nasuni: Life of a File

Nasuni provides an integrated solution to store, protect, share and access all enterprise files. Watch this video to hear directly from Freddie the File to learn how he is stored, protected and accessed with Nasuni File Services. Nasuni combines local edge appliances and cloud storage to provide global access to data with local performance and infinite scalability. With unlimited scale, continuous versioning and high-performance distributed file access, Nasuni delivers the complete suite of Enterprise File Services.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Freddie File, and we’re going to look at how I’m stored, protected and accessed with Nasuni. First, a user named Lisa creates me.

Whether Lisa’s at her workstation or in a coffee shop, she saves me the same way she would using a standard storage device. Only I’m going through the Nasuni Filer.

First I head to the local storage cache. The original version of me remains there so Lisa retains fast access.

But as part of Nasuni’s snapshot process, I’m also copied and chopped into chunks. Don’t worry, it’s painless. Even if I’m a large CAD or video file. Nasuni compares these chunks to company data in the cloud. Only new or changed data makes the next trip, and the Filer sees I’m different.

I’m compressed and encrypted, then sent to a secure cloud storage volume. This is the gold copy of me. The real Freddie, if you will.

In the cloud, I’m replicated within the data center and securely copied to at least one geographically distant location. More Freddies translates to stronger protection.

Yet I’m also still living in that local cache. Let’s say Lisa edits me. Nasuni sends only the changed data to the cloud, updating the gold copy.

When her colleague in New York needs to work on the file, he clicks on me in their shared drive. His local Filer retrieves the gold copy and caches me locally, too.

As he works, the Filer continuously updates the gold copy in the cloud, ensuring everyone has the most recent version, and Nasuni’s global locking prevents conflicts.

If disaster strikes, IT can spin up a new Filer and grant users access to the gold copy of me within minutes.

Sure, it’s strange to be in so many places at once. But with Nasuni, I’m there when you need me and protected when something goes wrong. I wouldn’t have it any other way.