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Lewis Group of Companies

The Lewis Group of Companies is a real estate company with 500 employees distributed among 30 offices in California and Nevada. The IS department needed to get users their files in all the offices without compromising performance or availability. Their existing system centralized storage at Lewis’ Southern California home office, with users coming in through terminal services. Access was slow, and whenever there was an outage or issue at the home office, everyone across the company would lose access to their data.

Video Transcript

Title: Lewis Group Customer Story

Michael Viselli:
My name is Michael Viselli. I am the IS project manager for The Lewis Group of Companies. The Lewis Group is a real-estate company that has about 500 employees distributed among about 30 offices in California and Nevada. One of the biggest operations of The Lewis Group is managing apartment communities. And so, one of my major priorities as the IS project manager is to support those leasing offices. And so, making sure that the staff there can, you know, properly rent out apartments, or they can support customers if they need repairs of stuff.

Our main issue with these 30 offices was trying to get people’s data and files directly to them, and we only had one centralized office here in Southern California. And so, originally they would come in with terminal services, but whenever we’d have an outage or an issue, everybody would be offline. So we needed to find a way to distribute their data to the end point of these offices.

We had several initiatives when we first looked at this project, one of which was to decentralize our environment. We needed to get the files out of our major corporate datacenter and get them in the offices themselves. We wanted to make sure they were at the hands of our users.

Nasuni was a miracle. They helped us do what we wanted to do efficiently, cost-effectively, and just better with the management. Everything it did was exactly what we wanted to do. We tried different methods where we tried replicating all of the data, and that was just hideous. We didn’t want to spend too much money on bandwidth, so we were trying to think of how could we do this, you know, using what we had, trying to use the small bandwidth and just basically, yeah, how could we distribute this data without having to really build this monstrosity of an infrastructure that we couldn’t fit inside a small office anyways?

So, Nasuni helped us do that. They had one device that we could plant inside a small rack, that we can now say, “Hey, your files are what you need. It’s there as you need it. It’s provisioned well.” It helps us massively with permissions. We didn’t need to redesign a whole permissions scheme for this. Nasuni accomplished exactly what we wanted to do in the exact way we wanted to do it.