Customer Story: Ixia | Nasuni

Customer Story: Ixia


Ixia’s history of growth through mergers and acquisitions fueled a need for an efficient, cost-effective way to absorb new information and distribute it rapidly around the globe. Nasuni gives them a storage system that allows them to add new teams and offices within minutes, not weeks.

Video Transcript

Mazi Fayazfar:
My name is Mazi Fayazfar, Senior Director of Information Technology at Ixia. Here at Ixia, we do telecommunications tests and measurement. We’re actually in the test, assess, and monitor business now through our acquisitions.

You know, we’ve been using a variety of enterprise-class storage platforms, ranging from HP, to NetApp, to a little bit of EMC. We’ve been looking for a way to further commoditize storage, and to handle it in a way that will scale with our business, and so Nasuni became relevant for us, as we started down that path.

Nasuni’s solution, with the appliances at the edge, and kind of a centralized hub and spoke in the cloud, allows us to write that data once in one appliance, have that replicate to the cloud for not only DR and business continuity, but also then replicate back out to the appliances around the globe. So, it simplifies the distribution of data, as well as the cost of data, and having that data available relatively quickly, and with low overhead, is an extremely valuable aspect of the Nasuni relationship.

Nasuni is kind of like a full package. You know, what’s different is, to create a Nasuni-type solution — see, at Nasuni, you guys offer a service. I think of it more as a service than I do as a product. And the appliance is just one piece of it. You know, the service providers that you use, whether it’s Amazon or Microsoft, are a piece of it. The customer support is a piece of it, it’s an all-inclusive package that, if you didn’t offer it, I would have to glue that together. And I have to glue that together through buying an array, building a storage solution, having a storage network, having a network administrator manage these things, having tape backups that would have to happen, having an outsourced, or an offsite repository, like an Iron Mountain.

And we glue all of those things together, so effectively, that’s what you’re replacing for me. So, in a lot of ways, buying Nasuni solves four or five problems in one shot, where you would otherwise have to build that whole solution with your team members currently.