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Nasuni Customer Support – As Told by Our Customers

In this 2-minute video, Nasuni customers share their thoughts on the Nasuni Support Team.

Video Transcript

Rob Zschernitz, Chief Technology Officer at The Field Museum:
The support team at Nasuni has been great. We are really hard on our support people, and so we expect top-notch support out of all our vendors and our contractors. Going through selecting new products and everything like that, we really hone in and really dive deep into support, and we’ve always had awesome response from the support team at Nasuni, we’ve you know talked to various people at Nasuni and we get consistent, quick, reliable support across the board.

Greg Nichols, Chief Technology Officer at TBG Partners:
Being in my position, and having so little time to deal with each product or learn any product, having a support infrastructure like Nasuni has has been a great asset to me.

Gerald Van Benschop, IT Infrastructure Manager at Perkins+Will:
The support was fantastic, that we had direct access to people that were just as committed to our success as they were to Nasuni’s own success, and in a nutshell, that’s what I like about it. 

Jim Bonczek, IT Manager at Barry Isett & Associates:
Anytime I’ve had to deal with support it’s been phenomenal. They’ve been responsive, I’ve never had more than a few minutes of wait. Support has been wonderful.

Jason Benway, Infrastructure Manager, JSJ Corporation 
Nasuni support, they’re there, they know your environment, they want to help, they seem to go the extra mile.

Brooke Grammier, Senior Director of Information Technology, LEO A DALY
One of my favorite things about Nasuni is the Support Team and the people that work for Nasuni. You know, we work with a lot of different companies and in the IT world it’s really hard to find people that are so customer focused. You know, it’s been a learning experience for us over the last year, moving such a significant piece of our infrastructure to the cloud and working with Nasuni has been really great through that transition.