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Cooley Group

Increasing Efficiency with Local Access to Global Shared Storage
As an industrial manufacturer of high performance fabrics, the Cooley Group is at their most efficient when their facilities are operating – any downtime cuts into their already thin margins. To keep their machines running, all of the teams within the Cooley Group – sales, engineering, QA, and operations – need to share files across offices for reporting results, policies, and procedures. Deploying Nasuni increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving data access and replication across offices, while simplifying the IT infrastructure and delivering better business continuity. Deploying Nasuni has increased productivity across the Cooley Group by dramatically improving file access and replication across offices, while simplifying the IT infrastructure and delivering better business continuity.

Video Transcript

Sandy Bodell: My name is Sandy Bodell, and I’m the Vice President for Information Technology here at Cooley. We’re an industrial manufacturer, we make coated fabrics, and then sell them into a variety of different applications. Before Nasuni, we had all of a shares — all of our servers were here, so all of our shared drives were here. You know, the data side, trying to access files, trying to access systems up here, has been a huge problem. A lot of complaints, all of their shares have traditionally been stored up here. We don’t have any IT resources in any of the other facilities, so the only IT people are here, so as a result, all of our systems and servers are up here as well.

Nasuni really helped a lot in that they have — their process allowed us to replicate data to the internet, or into the cloud, and then to replicate only the data we need down into the South Carolina facility. So now, instead of actually having to come all the way back here to access their files, they’re actually accessing over a local system and server. A huge advantage to us. I’ve got almost no complaints to us regarding accessing the shared files since we’ve implemented the Nasuni filers.

We’re now working, figuring out ways that we’re actually going to be able to use it as, sort of, the heart of our real DR system, giving us the business continuity we were originally looking for.