Archive with Nasuni

A modern file archive should offer long-term data retention and rapid retrieval. It should be highly scalable and cost-effective. And it shouldn’t require painful data migrations. Welcome to the modern file archive.

Video Transcript

Most companies are trying to save money by moving their data to lower-cost storage. Take the data that’s not being actively used and archive it, put it somewhere else where you’re paying less for it. Three big problems here. Number one is anytime you move data you have a risk involved with that, a risk that you might lose some of that data that you’re trying to move. It can cost a lot for those migrations. Second, when you move data you usually lose most of the history of that data and it only comes over as a single snapshot. Then third, it’s about how you can retrieve that data and in most cases we’re talking about slow and unpredictable access times. So, when you’re trying to find a cost-effective file solution, most people run into these problems. So let’s talk about how Nasuni offers cost-effective file storage. Well it begins with the platform. It is one platform for storing files. It’s our cloud file services platform that includes the primary file service and the archive file service. What this means is there’s no migrating between different classes of storage. We don’t move data between different storage systems. It’s all part of one system backed up by an object store. There’s no tiering. Once that data is automatically reclassified you pay less for that data. What this also means is that you get fast access to this previously inactive data. If you need something from your so called archive, all you have to do is access it in the same file system. Once you touch that data it becomes active data again.