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Total Cost of Ownership Calculator Reveals the Real Price of File Storage

TCO-Calculator-blogThe cost of storing, protecting and extending access to files is usually not a straightforward calculation. With standard enterprise deployments, you have to deal with a number of different vendors. Disparate solutions have to work together to store, protect, manage and provide mobile sync and share access to files. There’s a cost to each one of these components – not to mention the increased strain on IT that comes with managing such a complex environment. To help enterprises get a better sense of these costs, and the value Nasuni Cloud File Services clients enjoy, we’re releasing an exciting new tool. Our simple, web-based Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator reveals the real price of file storage.

The Numbers Behind The TCO Calculator

The numbers behind the calculator are largely derived from Gartner’s IT Key Metrics Data 2015: Key Infrastructure Measures: Storage Analysis. We’ve made sure to account for factors such as storage utilization and RAID overhead, along with the costs associated with storing not just one copy of your data, but at least three. These details and assumptions, along with a basic overview of how we calculate our projections, are all explained in our companion TCO calculator report.

Although you’ll likely see significant savings when comparing Nasuni’s enterprise storage solution to traditional offerings, we were actually very conservative in our assumptions. Many enterprises will keep more than three copies of their file data for protection, for example, and each extra copy comes at a price. WAN acceleration and other satellite or remote office solutions are typically more expensive than our calculator estimates. Overall, your real costs will probably be much higher than our TCO calculator projects, so we’ve also built out a worksheet to go along with the report, which will help you estimate those numbers in more granular detail.

Try It For Yourself

Try out the calculator. Download our companion report on how it works, along with the worksheet, and contact one of our storage specialists if you have any questions. We’re here to talk files.

Save Up To 65% on File Storage

Discover the true costs of storing, protecting, managing and extending access to file data – and, by extension, the real value of Nasuni File Services.
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