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Today is World Backup Day 2017 – For Nasuni Enterprise Customers, It Can Be a Vacation Day


March 31st has become World Backup Day, a day meant to remind everyone to focus on “the enormous task of preserving our increasingly digital heritage and cultural works for future generations.” The annual commemoration was originally intended to raise awareness with consumers about the importance of data protection, so the founders picked the day before April Fool’s Day – March 31. Makes sense.

Their message applies equally to enterprises, whose invaluable file data is essential to business continuity. Nasuni’s enterprise customers have learned the best way to protect their massive amounts of unstructured data is to eliminate the need for backup. A new technology leveraging the infinite capacity of cloud object stores called Continuous File Versioning is the new backup alternative.

If you’re in IT, you know what storage industry analysts have been saying for years: enterprise backup is problematic. More than 20% of backups fail. It’s expensive and takes a lot of time to administer. Recovery points and recovery times don’t meet user expectations. Funny that World Backup Day is promoted so heavily by the backup vendors whose legacy solutions aren’t meeting customer expectations.

There is finally a better solution. Read the in-depth technical explanation of continuous file versioning to understand why so many enterprises are adopting this new backup alternative. Then download the analyst eBook The State of Backup in 2017 to learn why the rise of cloud storage and innovations like cloud-native file systems are allowing enterprises IT admins to now treat World Backup Day like a vacation day.


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