The Unexpected Benefits of Cloud-integrated Storage

The-Walsh-Group-DozerEnterprises typically start searching for a cloud-integrated storage solution to address a particular problem. It could be the unchecked growth in the size and volume of business files. Maybe the IT staff is looking for a more efficient way to manage storage across the organization. Or they have an informed suspicion, based on all the buzz around cloud, that there just has to be a better way to store and distribute files. The Walsh Group, one of the country’s leading construction firms, was looking for a more effective way to extend file access to users in remote offices. In their search, IT discovered that Nasuni met their requirements, and the company has been a valued client ever since.

But we’ve already told that story. This is a story about the unexpected benefits of cloud-integrated storage – the kind of features that enterprises don’t always realize they need.

The Walsh Group expanded its use of Nasuni over time. Cloud NAS replaced primary storage at a number of locations, which allowed the company to eliminate separate backup solutions that taxed their MPLS network. IT was able to spend more time on high value projects since they didn’t have to monitor and maintain those backups. And of course the unlimited capacity of Cloud NAS was a welcome upgrade. The Walsh Group could stop worrying about buying extra storage to keep pace with data growth.

Cloud-integrated Storage: A Comparative Overview of the Leading Solutions
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This was all part of the plan. Then disaster struck. At one of the company’s remote offices, the power in the building went out, and there was no quick and easy fix. The electricity remained down for several days. In the past, this could have been a major problem for the end users in that office. It could have resulted in a significant loss of productivity. But with Nasuni Cloud NAS, IT was able to restore access in a matter of minutes. As the employees returned home, IT re-routed their shared drive to a Nasuni Filer in another location.

Thanks to Cloud NAS, their files were all there, and easy to access. The employees could continue working with little interruption. Critical tasks weren’t neglected because of the disaster. They were completed, as they would have been on any other business day.

This rapid disaster recovery is exactly the kind of feature that makes Cloud NAS such a disruptive technology. The cloud is clearly a powerful and cost-effective way to deal with the data growth problem so many enterprises face today. But the cloud should not merely be used as a vast, inexpensive repository for old files. When leveraged effectively, with the right technology, cloud-integrated storage can deliver a whole new range of enterprise benefits, including global file sharing, rapid disaster recovery and simple, centralized IT management over a global storage infrastructure. The Walsh Group understood this when they signed on with us as a client, and while we weren’t happy to hear about the trouble at that office, we were thrilled Nasuni was able to ease the pain of that disaster.



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