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The State of Backup in 2017: New Nasuni eBook

No IT group loves their backup. It’s expensive. It’s difficult to manage. And it often fails to come through when you need it most.

So how has backup survived?

The answer is simple. Despite all of its flaws, backup is still absolutely necessary. To maintain business continuity in the event of local hardware failures, power outages or major regional disasters, enterprises need additional copies of their files protected on additional systems and, ideally, in geographically distant locations. For decades, that job has fallen to backup systems. But technology is changing, and so is data protection.

The State of Backup in 2017

In the new eBook The State of Backup in 2017, we take a deeper look at this flawed but fundamentally necessary technology. Storage Switzerland analyst W. Curtis Preston, a.k.a.  Mr. Backup, offers his perspective on the past, present and future of data protection, including the rise of cloud as a backup target.

This eBook is a must-read for any IT group struggling with the cost, complexity and reliability of their data protection system.

The State of Backup in 2017 explores:

  • Why backup is primed for a revolution
  • 3 major factors that impact confidence in backup
  • How unstructured data growth strains backup systems
  • 4 features IT professionals should expect from a data protection solution

Today, enterprises are saving 60% and more by exploring new, more powerful ways of protecting their data. Download a copy of the eBook for an in-depth analysis of data protection, and how the rise of cloud storage and other recent technology trends could change backup forever.