The Slow and Painful Death of Backup

The Slow and Painful Death of BackupThere is risk in predicting the demise of any powerful and popular technology. Antivirus software and firewalls have hung around far longer than some predicted, for example. The reality is that any successful technological solution, once it has become entrenched in large organizations or industries, acquires a certain amount of stickiness or inertia. Even massively flawed technologies become surprisingly hard to kill.

While it would be irresponsible to predict a date or even a year, there is one solution in the file storage space that has begun circling the drain of obsolescence. The slow and painful death of backup is now inevitable.

The unfortunate part is that it’s not the backup solutions providers themselves who are suffering. The burden falls on IT departments. As IT leaders are being asked to align their efforts with projects that drive the core goals of the business or organization, the process of managing backups has become a time-consuming drag on productivity and efficiency. One of our media and marketing clients had two skilled IT professionals who were forced to spend all their hours managing backup and archiving instead of focusing on higher-value projects.

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The backup solutions from leading providers are expensive and resource intensive, as organizations often end up replicating data centers to another nearby site for protection. When the need arises, though, those backup systems often fail, and even when they do work, it can take hours or even days to recover lost files.

The other force behind the impending death of backup is the fact that there is a much better alternative. Cloud NAS delivers far more than traditional backup, including guaranteed reliability, painless restores, improved disaster recovery and enhanced IT management, all at a fraction of the cost. Yet our clients still save 40-60% against traditional systems.

The difference is in the approach. Rather than replicate files to separate data centers, Nasuni has a cloud-centric protection scheme. Gold copies of each client’s files are stored in a secure, unique cloud volume. Frequent snapshots ensure that local changes to files are securely pushed to the cloud and stored in multiple geographic locations. This way, when a user needs any version of a file restored, it’s an immediate point and click. Or, if IT allows, the user can self-restore. In the event of a local outage or disaster, IT can quickly and easily restore access to all files. The other key differentiator is that these snapshots are unlimited and perpetual, at no extra cost. When our clients consider the total cost of ownership of different solutions, this is a major factor in their decision to partner with Nasuni.

The death of backup is inevitable. Rather than wait around, find out more about the benefits of Cloud NAS in our updated white paper, or request a demo to see what it’s like to enjoy true control over your storage environment.

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