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The Fantastic Four Capabilities of Nasuni Cloud NAS

The Fantastic Four Capabilities of Nasuni Cloud NASAs we get ready to host advanced screenings of the new blockbuster Fantastic Four, I’ve been spreading the word about how Nasuni can turn you into an IT superhero. Today we’re also launching a new superhero-themed campaign on LinkedIn. Maybe you’ve already been updated, but if not, check one of your Nasuni connections on the network and see if you notice anything different about them.

Thanks to this campaign, and the upcoming film, it occurred to a few of us around the office that there’s actually a stronger connection between Cloud NAS and this movie than the other events we’ve hosted. Sure, you could argue that the Avengers mirror the standard enterprise management team. Thor is a classic CEO, prone to grand proclamations and flying off to a faraway land at a moment’s notice. Tony Stark’s technical savvy makes him a candidate for CTO, but his tendency to go it alone doesn’t quite match up. And I can’t imagine how the Hulk would fare in a board meeting.

The link between Nasuni and the Fantastic Four is much more solid. First, a little background for the uninitiated. The members of the Fantastic Four each have different powers. Sue Storm can turn invisible on command and generate protective force fields. Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing, is an orange, rock-skinned version of the Hulk. The Human Torch morphs into a flying fireball capable of incredible speeds. Finally, there’s the leader of the group, Mr. Fantastic, who can stretch his limbs out to impossible lengths.

Nasuni NF-440

How does Nasuni Cloud NAS fit into this mix? Nasuni gives your enterprise, and IT in particular, the same collection of powers. Like Sue Storm, Cloud NAS is both invisible and protective. Once our clients switch over to Nasuni Cloud NAS, their end users don’t notice a difference. To them, Nasuni is invisible: It looks like just another letter drive, and there’s no decline in performance. Yet they can also take comfort in the fact that Cloud NAS extends a protective force field around their data, whether it’s in the local appliance or their cloud volume. Data is encrypted with a customer-generated key, so it’s always protected in transit and at rest in the cloud.

This security-centric design of Nasuni Cloud NAS channels the strength and power of the Thing. Protection is automatic, so there’s no need for additional backup or DR solutions. In the event of a disaster, customers can access data in less than 15 minutes. That’s real power.

As for the Human Torch, Cloud NAS delivers the same blazing speed thanks to a combination of powerful local appliances and sophisticated caching algorithms. End users still enjoy local performance, and file access often speeds up at remote offices.

Finally, like Mr. Fantastic, Nasuni Cloud NAS stretches data access far and wide through true global file sharing. Yet it also transforms the average IT professional into an enterprise version of Mr. Fantastic. His extensive reach might not be all that exciting in a blockbuster, but when IT professionals switch over to Nasuni Cloud NAS, they can easily manage storage volumes across the country or even the world. With the Nasuni Management Console, they have unprecedented reach and control through a single pane of glass.

If you’re interested in slipping out of the office for a private screening of the movie, along with a short introduction to Nasuni, register for one of our upcoming events.

Please contact us to learn about other venues. We can’t guarantee the film will be any good, but we’re certain you’ll be impressed with the powers of Nasuni Cloud NAS.