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The Debut Issue of Adventures in File Storage is Out Now

Harness-the-power-web-2You had to know it was coming. For months I’ve been talking about how Nasuni can transform your IT team into a squad of superheroes. I’ve been sending out masks, bringing caricaturists to trade shows so prospective clients see how they’d look in a cape and – gulp – inviting folks to one of the biggest box office disasters of the summer. Now we’ve gone to eleven. We launched our own series of comic books.

Based on a true story, the debut issue of Adventures in File Storage shows how the IT department at leading manufacturer JSJ Corporation squashed its file sprawl difficulties with the power of Nasuni Cloud NAS. You should get your hands on a copy. I wouldn’t be shocked if it became a collectible.

SuperHero Strength With Cloud File Storage

All kidding aside, there’s a reason for this superhero streak. Once I started thinking about what Nasuni does for IT, I realized there’s an undeniable link. First, our clients are endowed with super strength. Nasuni extends the security perimeter of our client’s offices through military-grade encryption, creating an impenetrable force field around file data.

They also benefit from fast healing. The rapid restore capability – a guaranteed 15-minute RTO – means that in the wake of a disaster or power outage, IT can get employees working again in a matter of minutes. With Nasuni, you can’t keep an office down.

Blazing speed is another key feature. By caching active files locally, Nasuni delivers fast access to end users. And with global file sharing, it feels like files are racing around the planet at impossible speeds. But one of the features that IT loves – which we focused on in this inaugural issue – involves a kind of mystical control. Nasuni allows IT to monitor and maintain the entire storage environment, across multiple offices, through a single pane of glass. Restoring lost files at remote locations is as simple as a few clicks. Newly acquired offices can be integrated into the larger corporate or organizational storage environment with minimal effort. That’s real power.

There’s also the matter of cost, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know of any superheroes who save you money, but Nasuni certainly does. With our Cloud NAS Solutions, clients typically save 40-60% compared to traditional storage.

Download Your Copy of Adventures in File Storage

Enough numbers, though. The real reason I’m writing is to encourage you to download the digital issue of Adventures in File Storage. Have fun taking a look, and if you’re interested in more details, check out the original case study. Full disclosure, though: The pictures aren’t as fun.




Adventures in File Storage

Nasuni does more than revolutionize file storage within a business or organization. Nasuni transforms IT into a team of superheroes.To see what Nasuni can do for your organization, download the debut issue of Adventures in File Storage.