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The 2015 State of Cloud Storage: Interactive App

Thanks to the continued interest in our 2015 State of Cloud Storage report, we are releasing the results in a new, more hands-on format. The report is our annual in-depth analysis of the major publicly available Cloud Storage Providers (CSPs). These tests have always been a key part of our business, as they show us whether the clouds meet our very high standards. We measure each CSP in terms of its speed, availability and scalability.

Key benchmarks of a cloud storage provider:

  • Performance – How fast can data be read/written to the cloud?
  • Availability – Is the data in the cloud always available? Is the cloud ready to accept data?
  • Errors – As the number of objects stored in the cloud increases, are there resulting errors?

For enterprises seriously considering cloud storage as part of their storage infrastructure, the report itself is a must read. But there’s nothing wrong with a teaser. Previously we created an infographic to highlight and visualize some of the key findings. This latest iteration offers another way to interact with and explore the findings of our study:

View the State of Cloud Storage Interactive Infographic

If you like what you see and want to learn more, check out the full 2015 State of Cloud Storage report.