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Harness the Power: Become an IT Superhero

Become an IT Superhero

Maybe we’ve all seen too many superhero movies lately, but after speaking with a number of our clients, we realized that Nasuni does more than revolutionize file storage within a business or organization. Nasuni transforms IT into a team of superheroes.
See how one IT Superhero recovered from Ransomware in minutes with Nasuni!
No, we can’t literally help you fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes. But Nasuni does give IT the kind of powers it has long desired but never enjoyed. Framed in comic book terms, these include:
  • Super Strength – Nasuni extends the security perimeter of our client’s offices through military-grade encryption, creating an impenetrable force field around file data.
  • Fast Healing – The rapid restore capability of Nasuni coupled with continuous file versioning allows offices to recover from a disaster or Ransomware attack with superhuman quickness.
  • Blazing Speed – By caching active files locally, Nasuni delivers fast data access to end users. And with global file sharing, it feels like these files are racing around the globe at impossible speeds.
  • Mystical Control – IT monitors and maintains the entire storage environment, across multiple offices, through a single pane of glass.
  • Invisibility – To end users, Nasuni works in the background, unseen. Their files appear to be in the same place, so they can work as usual.
To see what Nasuni can do for your organization, you could certainly read one of our case studies or white papers. But we’ve put together something much more fun. Check out the latest issue of Adventures in File Storage: The Cryptolocker Attack and see how one IT superhero fended off ransomware. We’ll even waive the cover price. If you’re interested in learning more about how to unleash your IT powers, you don’t have to endure a radioactive spider bite or set off on an extra dimensional journey. All you have to do is send us a note.