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Storage that’s bigger on the inside and can travel through time? Must be a TARDIS.

I recently had the pleasure of being on a panel at the ILTA 2014 Educational Conference. At the conference they open the exhibit hall the first night with a comic-con theme, which is a lot of fun. Exhibitors and attendees dress themselves and their booths like it’s comic-con so there are all sorts of sci-fi and super-hero people and stuff around. Even the food is dressed up – the Batman logo cookies were delicious.

TardisNasuni decided not to have a booth this year, but it got me thinking about what we would do for a booth next year. Maybe it’s because I’m a Dr. Who fan and excited about the Season 8 premiere on Saturday, but I think Doctor Who would be perfect. After all, Nasuni makes the only data TARDIS in the storage industry. Well, not really a TARDIS but keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

With File Data Virtualization, and a Global File System you can fit all of your company’s files into a single 1U appliance, or even a virtual machine. The files are all in there, stored using a “magic” technology called cloud that allows you to keep putting data in while never filling it up. You can use a tiny appliance, or even a virtual machine and yet you can access Terabytes of file data through it, so it must be bigger on the inside like the TARDIS.

The Nasuni Service is also like a time machine. With infinite snapshots, you can navigate to your data as it was at any point in the past and access it. Just be careful not to go back on your own timeline.  We are still working on going into the future – maybe the next release.

We can also regenerate. If a Nasuni Filer is ever destroyed or becomes inoperable, disaster recovery is quick and easy. Since all of the data is in the cloud, all you need is your encryption key and you can bring up a new virtual or physical Nasuni Filer and connect it to your data. The meta data will download in less than 15 minutes and users can begin accessing their files.

So, enjoy the Doctor Who premiere this weekend, and enjoy your Nasuni Service. The Doctor will keep saving the universe; we have your data covered.