Nasuni makes object storage the ideal target for scalable, affordable file archiving. Unless you prefer complex data migrations, hardware lock-in, long wait times to retrieve archived files, and high archive costs.

The Best of Object and File in One Solution

Object storage offers limitless scaling of capacity at low cost, along with freedom from hardware vendor lock-in. But how can it satisfy your archiving needs without disrupting your users and applications, which are all file-based? The Nasuni UniFS global file system is the answer. It stores your files as objects in your on-premises or public cloud object storage, while keeping them fully accessible as files, with the same permissions and metadata.

Effortless File Migration

You’ll never have to do a bulk migration again. Our intelligent cache-from-cloud architecture stores actively used files on edge appliances wherever high performance file access is needed. If you don’t use a file, it automatically leaves the edge cache and exists only in object storage. Archiving happens naturally, without complicated bulk uploads.

Full App Compatibility

Nasuni edge appliances – the ingestion point for your file archive – support the same CIFS/SMB and NFS protocols as traditional file servers and NAS devices. So you can archive files from all your apps without application re-writes, drive re-mappings, or script changes.

Fast Archive Retrieval

Archiving shouldn’t mean long retrieval times. With Nasuni, files can be recalled from your object storage in minutes, not days. Once accessed, the file becomes hot and stays in cache, providing subsequent file accesses at local LAN speed, without egress charges.

Easy Multi-Site Archiving

Here’s what really sets Nasuni apart. The Nasuni UniFS global file system synchronizes file changes from all locations, first with your cloud object storage, then with other Nasuni edge appliances, providing the unique ability to read from and write to your archive from any number of locations.

Archive Storage That’s Future-Proof

Tired of upgrading archive storage and migrating data every 3-5 years? With Nasuni, your archive storage is evergreen. Our virtual or physical edge appliances are stateless caches that only store active files. Your cloud storage provider takes care of upgrading the object storage that holds all your archive data.

Archive and Primary Storage in One Platform

Why have one storage system for your hot files and another for your cool files? Nasuni backed by object storage offers primary and archive file storage in one seamless, easy-to-manage platform.

Massive Cost Savings

Add up the costs of archive storage, data migration, application rewrites, egress charges, retrieval costs, and floor space, power, and cooling required of other solutions. Then compare to Nasuni. You’ll quickly see we’re not just a better archive solution – we’re a lot less expensive, too.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Foran Glennon

“With Nasuni, we’re able to scale capacity instantly to react to unpredictable case loads. We’re able to provide primary and archive file storage, DR, backup, and collaboration, all in one solution. That inspires confidence in IT.”

Perkins + Will

“When world-class architecture and design firm Perkins+Will needed a high performance storage platform to support their global teams, they turned to Nasuni.”

Manhard consulting

Manhard Consulting is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm specializing in government, municipal, residential and commercial projects.

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