Unified File Storage

Delivering unified file storage across any distributed enterprise can be a complicated, expensive and daunting task. Nasuni combines cloud storage with on-premises hardware to deliver distributed storage with fully centralized control.



Building a unified storage solution to protect company data is no small task. Add in a growing number of offices and distributed users and a big task becomes even more daunting. You want to deliver local infrastructure to your remote and branch offices, but know the complex systems that result will cause too many headaches – you would rather centralize the storage infrastructure. The goal is a system that is simpler to manage and protect. The result is unhappy users who are starting to find their own data storage solutions – shadow IT.  Can you balance control and performance to meet the needs of IT and end-users?

The Nasuni Unified File Storage Solution

Nasuni delivers unified file storage as-a-service – combining on-premises hardware for local performance with limitless cloud storage for centralized control and scale. The Nasuni Enterprise File Services solution provides unified storage, backup, and offsite DR into a single storage system that enables centralized control, integrated backup and significant cost savings.

“We were quickly won over to what Nasuni delivers: unified storage, multi-site access, local caches, storage in the cloud, integration with our infrastructure and no backups. I hadn’t seen a company that hit all those key markers in a single solution.”


Distributed Access with Centralized Control – Nasuni Filers are deployed anywhere an enterprise needs local unified storage and backup, ensuring high performance in every data center, branch and remote office. These NAS appliances cache the most frequently accessed and critical data to deliver NAS file storage in each location for users and applications. Each Filer is connected to a shared pool of cloud storage that is fully managed using the Nasuni Management Console. IT can administer data volumes, Filers, and local connectivity from a single console so that unstructured data management is simplified and streamlined.

Integrated Backup – Nasuni combines unified storage, backup and offsite DR into a single enterprise storage solution. Every Filer leverages an unlimited stream of snapshots to make restoring files, folders or entire directories as simple as a few clicks. No additional backup software is necessary. With multiple copies of every snapshot stored in the cloud across multiple geographies, the enterprise is fully protected in case of a disaster. Full restore is as simple as starting up a virtual machine.

Cost Savings – Rather than focus on selling expensive hardware, Nasuni’s storage as a service combines cost-efficient hardware with pay-as-you-grow secure cloud storage to deliver major cost savings for customers. Nasuni clients are saving as much as 40% – 65% against traditional offerings in areas ranging from storage to backup and DR and even WAN and MPLS expenses.


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Total Cost of Ownership: Traditional Storage vs. Nasuni File Services

Download this white paper to see a detailed calculation of how Nasuni File Services costs compare with traditional storage. Using the model you can calculate your own costs, or we can start the process with you with just some basic information.


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