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Digital Transformation

Make It Happen Now

Imagine you could accelerate innovation, increase collaboration across all your stakeholders, and increase IT efficiency?  No matter where Digital Transformation is taking you, Nasuni will help you get there faster.

Increase the Flow of Information Everywhere

The Nasuni Cloud File Services platform uses a patented global file system to store and continuously update all file data in limitless private or public cloud object storage, while simultaneously caching files on Edge Appliances for fast local access. In doing so, Nasuni accelerates technology-led digital transformation by increasing the flow of information across your enterprise, helping you shift data center(s) into the cloud, and providing unlimited scale for your file storage, sharing, and protection capabilities.

Innovate Faster Through Digital Collaboration

Collaboration and innovation are essential to employees in digital businesses. That’s Forrester Research, not us, but it echoes what we hear from our clients. When files are stored and synchronized across multiple locations, teams readily tap into talent in different offices. Large projects advance faster through follow-the-sun collaboration. Organizations unlock latent productivity and creativity, getting better products to market faster.

microsoft office access anywhere

“Being able to use Nasuni to connect our New York and Los Angeles offices and synchronize volumes and file data has made it easier for our distributed creative teams to get their work done. Nasuni has reduced the time to synchronize files across offices by up to 90%.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Be Always “On” with Continuous File Access

Modern digital businesses should never be down. With Nasuni Cloud File Services, your organization is never without access to file data. Gold copies of every file – and every file change – are stored in georedundant cloud file storage. If a site experiences an outage, files are still accessible to users across the company and you can restore access for that site in 15 minutes or less. Backup? It’s built in. Your files are always protected and available.

Tame Big Data and Large Files With Limitless Capacity

Big Data is never too big for a file system that scales in object storage. 100+ GB Building Information Management (BIM) models? No problem. Millions of tiny files? Not an issue. Nasuni Cloud File Services was designed to efficiently manage the growth of all unstructured file data. With limitless on-demand capacity in the private or public object store of your choice, this is real digital and IT transformation.

“We wanted to move to more of an operational expense model and take advantage of the cloud. We started with a Nasuni edge appliance VM running in our New York office. That became the template for all our offices because they are easy to spin up. And the VMs don’t need a lot of physical hardware behind them because they are only caching the frequently used files.”

Sean Probets, IT Manager, 1HQ
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Do More With Less

Eliminate all those racks of file servers and NAS devices, plus backup software, devices, and media. Minimize your reliance on MPLS and WAN acceleration. Nasuni Cloud File Services  significantly reduces IT cost and complexity while minimizing technical debt. It’s a technology-led digital transformation solution that’s easy to deploy, operate, and manage – and cuts costs by up to 70%.

Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands

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