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Built-in Data Protection
for Your Files

Upgrade to a secure cloud-scale platform that protects all your files – from creation through archive – for less.

A Modern, All-Inclusive Approach
to Protecting Your Files

Your unstructured file data can amount to as much as 80% of your enterprise data. And much of it is located outside of traditional data centers where protection is high. That’s why you need a solution that works across your file storage regardless of where your servers and users are.

Nasuni provides centrally managed storage platform with extensive, built-in data protection features. The Nasuni patented UniFS® global file system is an immutable, infinite version history of every file that conserves space in the cloud and delivers breakthrough recovery points and recovery times and 15-minute Disaster Recovery. In addition, every element of your file’s journey from creation to archive is protected with built-in security features like end to end encryption.

Protection from Compromise

Unlike traditional storage solutions, Nasuni does not require you to pay more for encryption. Encryption is built in, and every file is encrypted as soon as it is created locally. They remain encrypted in transit and at rest within the cloud – with you- the customer controlling the keys.

Because of our encryption model, neither Nasuni nor the cloud can read this data, but as an added precaution Nasuni only partners with private and public cloud providers that have the highest security certifications.  In addition, Nasuni integrates with your existing LDAP and ACL environment seamlessly.

“The Nasuni Continuous File Versioning technology enables us to protect data in a consistent way globally. We’ve had offices go offline because of natural disasters in the past, and they were unable to work for over a week. Their RPOs and RTOs were inconsistent and often inadequate. Now, we can get files back quickly to very recent restore points.”

Don Pointing, Global Technology Director, TBWA
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Protection from Loss

Nasuni uses WORM (write once, read many) for data storage, which means file data stored in the cloud is immutable. A geographically redundant object store adds further file data protection because each chunk of file data is stored in multiple locations, thus protecting it against loss due to local or even regional disasters. The combination of WORM storage, geographic redundancy, and Continuous File Versioning ensure that our clients will always be able to access the files they need.

Protection from Ransomware

When local file data or storage volumes have been compromised by a Ransomware attack, Nasuni clients can simply restore previous versions of those same files and folders from minutes before the attack. Since these versions were securely stored and maintained in the cloud, they were not vulnerable to the Ransomware attack. Nasuni customers can quickly get back to business as usual – and avoid paying a ransom.

Protection from Backup Failures

Backup can be time-consuming, expensive, and – worst of all – unreliable.  That’s why Nasuni eliminates the need for separate backup solutions and instead provides a secure, reliable, built-in file data protection platform to all your locations. With Nasuni, our clients are protected against losing files because Nasuni Continuous File Versioning maintains and updates a secure, infinite, and immutable version history of every file in the private or public cloud object store of your choice.

“We set our versioning frequency to every ten minutes, and the time to recover a version from [the cloud] is only about five minutes. Before Nasuni, we were doing backups to tape once a day and sending the tapes off-site. To recover a file, we’d have to contact our off-site storage vendor and it might take a full day before we got the next tape delivery. Then it would take hours to restore the data from tape. Obviously now with Nasuni our RPOs and RTOs have gotten so much better.”

Nicholas Winnie, Senior Infrastructure Systems Administrator, Questar Assessment, Inc.
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