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Optimizing Hyperconverged Environments

Don’t let file growth spoil your Hyperconvergence ROI

Allowing file storage to grow rapidly in hyperconverged infrastructure is a waste of high-performance hardware. File data should scale in the cloud. Nasuni is the first platform to maintain the efficiency of hyperconvergence while delivering the unlimited capacity and cost savings of the object store.

Why Hyperconverged Infrastructures Need a Global File System

Hyperconvergence combines storage, compute, and virtualization into a single high-performance platform. As a modern data center in a box, hyperconvergence allows IT to focus on delivering services, not managing different systems. It’s flexible, efficient, and cost-effective – until you fill it up with files.

The Nasuni UniFS® global file system allows hyperconverged systems to tap into the unlimited scale of public or private cloud storage. When a Nasuni edge appliance is deployed on a hyperconverged platform, files immediately scale in the object store, not on local hardware. That means businesses maximize their hyperconverged infrastructure and eliminate unplanned, capacity-related hardware purchases. And thanks to Nasuni’s intelligent caching algorithms, end users still enjoy high-performance access to hot file data.

Combine Hyperconvergence & Cloud Storage

Files should scale in the cloud, not in your hyperconverged data center, and Nasuni finally makes that possible. And easy, too. Our hyperconverged clients get high-performance file protocol access, unlimited scale in the private or public object store of their choice, and peace of mind, knowing they won’t need to worry about buying more hardware unexpectedly.

“Nasuni is an all-in-one solution. The fact that they built a file system that starts in cloud object storage and extends out to our offices via physical and virtual appliances defines them as the leader in helping businesses like us manage large amounts of data efficiently.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Save up to 70% on Storage Costs

Nasuni doesn’t just help businesses realize the benefits of hyperconvergence: With Nasuni, organizations save up to 70% on storage costs. By consolidating file storage, backup, DR, and other solutions into one modern platform, Nasuni greatly reduces infrastructure complexity and costs. By leveraging Nasuni on hyperconverged, you pay less to run a simpler but more powerful environment.

Nasuni ROBO Coast Savings

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