File Archive

A modern file archive should offer long-term data retention and rapid retrieval. It should be highly scalable and cost-effective. And it shouldn’t require painful data migrations.

Welcome to the modern file archive.

The Modern, Global Archive for All Your Files

Nasuni Cloud File Services consolidates primary and archive file data storage into a single platform. The Nasuni PRIMARY service is for traditional NAS and file server workloads. The lower cost Nasuni ARCHIVE service is for infrequently accessed cool files. Both are built on the Nasuni UniFS® global file system, which securely stores your files as objects in private or public cloud object storage. All files can be recalled in seconds and cached locally for fast access anywhere in the world.

“Nasuni is an all-in-one solution. The fact that they built a file system that starts in cloud object storage and extends out to our offices via physical and virtual appliances defines them as the leader in helping businesses like us manage large amounts of data efficiently.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Manage Uncertainty

Which files should remain in primary storage? Which files should you archive? It’s all but impossible to predict, so Nasuni removes the guesswork. Files classified as NASUNI ARCHIVE or NASUNI PRIMARY are all stored in the same place – your preferred private or public cloud object storage – with the same powerful platform features. It’s what a modern file archive solution should be.

“With Nasuni, we’re able to scale capacity instantly, which means we can react to unpredictable case loads. We’re able to provide primary and archive file storage, DR, backup, and collaboration, all in one solution. That inspires confidence in the IT department, making our lives easier every day.”

Donna Halac, IT Manager, Foran Glennon
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No Version Limits

The unlimited scale of cloud object storage means you can archive as many versions of your files as WORM for long-term reference without ever running out of space. Nasuni’s file archive solution allows you to roll back to any version of archived files to any point in time. And this applies to all files, regardless of size or complexity.

Fast Retrieval From Any Location

Retrieving an archived file shouldn’t be a hassle. With the combination of cloud object storage and the Nasuni UniFS® global file system, it isn’t. No matter where you are, archived files can be quickly cached in any local edge appliance, giving users fast, LAN-speed access.

The Business Benefits of Cloud-based File Archiving

No more logging into every NAS device and file server to configure storage over and over. The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) enables you to centrally manage your entire file storage environment.

Reduce Costs

Save money as older files are automatically reclassified as archive. Leverage cloud economics and save IT operational costs.

Maintain Access

Revisiting an old project? Users can easily restore fast access to archived files for business, compliance, or legal reasons.

Simplify Management

Don’t waste cycles classifying or migrating file data. Let the file system handle it automatically.