Primary NAS Cloud Object Storage and Backup System | Nasuni

Multi-Site File Collaboration

Nasuni stores and synchronizes files across any number of locations so today’s distributed workforce can collaborate without limits. Our global file system with automated, intelligent change propagation delivers high performance, multi-site file sharing without version conflict.

More Collaboration. Less Waiting.

The Nasuni UniFS global file system stores all files and metadata in private or public cloud object storage. High-speed internet bandwidth is used to securely propagate just the changes to active files across Nasuni edge appliances. With every appliance kept constantly in sync, users globally will think they’re working on one big, fast local file server.

Share Everywhere

Deploy edge appliances anywhere file collaboration is needed.

Faster File Access

Accelerate file opens, saves, and change propagation.

Lower TCO

Consolidate multi-site file sharing tools and processes to save on costs.

Easier On IT.

No more duplicating full-sized NAS devices in multiple sites. Or trying to provide remote file access with WAN acceleration and extra MPLS bandwidth. Nasuni automates and orchestrates every element of cross-office file storage and synchronization, so you can focus on strategic things.

Central Orchestration and Management

Let the Nasuni Operations Console (NOC) automatically align and synchronize file changes across all edge appliances.

Application Support

Accelerate file open, save, and transfer operations across sites for large file-generating apps such as Revit, Teamcenter, SOLIDWORKS, and more.

Reporting and Alerting

Get notified via SNMP on key events. Tag volume and share utilization for planning and chargeback.

All Versions Neatly Aligned.

Nasuni continuously sends the fragments of files that change on each edge appliance to cloud object storage. The Nasuni Global Volume Manager™ aligns and stores each change as its own unique, immutable version based on date and time stamp.

Changes are propagated at high speed to every edge appliance to ensure users in all locations are accessing the latest files. But previous versions can be recalled quickly with the click of a mouse.

Version Conflicts Avoided.

Nasuni Global File Locking™ ensures only one user anywhere in the world can make file changes at a time. Architected as a scalable cloud service with redundant lock servers and lock server failover built-in, Nasuni Global File Locking minimizes the data loss – and productivity loss – caused by version conflict.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

A corporate initiative to embrace the cloud and reduce IT infrastructure expenditures spurred IT to look for alternative storage and data protection solutions.

File data at IDL Worldwide is growing faster than ever. An initiative to enhance cross-office collaboration and boost design team productivity led the branding agency for Coca-Cola, Nike, and Chick-fil-A to Nasuni.


With close to twenty offices worldwide, The Walsh Group needed a global file share that could deliver the same information to all their offices without sacrificing performance or data security.