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Nasuni for Manufacturing

Nasuni is the modern, pay-as-you-grow file services solution for today’s distributed design and manufacturing teams.

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Global file infrastructure for manufacturing

Nasuni’s “cloud-first” approach to enterprise file services streamlines and consolidates storage management in the cloud, while using on-premises edge appliances to provide fast, secure access to active data. Leading manufacturing companies around the world are using Nasuni to replace the costly, complex silos of legacy NAS, backup software, file archiving, disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure, WAN acceleration, replication, and enterprise file sync and share software (EFSS) with a unified platform.

Benefits for all stakeholders

Manufacturing teams gain efficient cross-site file access and collaboration, with no limits to the points of entry or number of files added during distributed design workflows.

IT reduces costs up to 60% by eliminating NAS hardware refreshes, forklift data migrations, and file backup and DR infrastructure, while reducing reliance on file replication, WAN optimization and other remote access technologies.

Leadership increases workforce productivity, makes design workflows more efficient, accelerates product time-to-market, and takes advantage of cloud economics.

Support for key manufacturing apps

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Nasuni presents volumes locally like a standard NAS device, giving your manufacturing applications access to unlimited primary and archive capacity without changing the user experience. But we don’t stop there. You also get global file access for more efficient workflows. Global file locking for conflict-free file collaboration. Continuous file versioning and unlimited version history for the most advanced recovery points (RPOs) and times (RTOs). DR anywhere there’s power and internet connectivity. Nasuni has it all.

Your choice of cloud

Pick the public or private cloud that makes the most sense for your business. Or, use multiple clouds to meet specific regional requirements. With Nasuni, you’re not locked into the one cloud your key file-generating applications support.

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Leading manufacturing companies use Nasuni

These featured customers are reaping the benefits of Nasuni. Why don’t you join them?

D+M Group

The maker of Denon, Boston Acoustics, and Marantz audio equipment uses Nasuni and AWS across 62 offices.

SAS International

This UK manufacturer replaced its entire file storage infrastructure with Nasuni and Azure for about the same cost as what they were paying for backup alone.

Cooley Group

This industrial fabric manufacturer is making its facilities more efficient and boosting productivity with Nasuni and AWS.

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