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Public Sector

Deliver valuable and innovative services while protecting the public’s trust.

Do More With Your Agency IT Storage Budget

Are you looking for ways to serve more end users, more efficiently with your existing budget? Is your agency expanding to new locations but looking for ways to keep everyone connected and able to collaborate? Is your state or municipality looking to consolidate storage services for more efficiency and long-term savings? You can do all this with a modern file storage infrastructure.

“Nasuni is saving us about 50% of our time and it costs us about 60% less than a traditional SAN.”

Rob Zschernitz
CTO, The Field Museum

Build Your Immunity to Ransomware Attacks

Public sector agencies and municipalities have learned the hard way that relying on traditional backup might mean it takes days or even weeks to recover from a ransomware attack. Not only is it costly, but unacceptable in terms of providing continuous service to the public. That’s why you need a service that restores your files in just minutes AND only can achieve RPO’s as close as 5 minutes before the attack. No lengthy tape restores, or expensive downloading from data vaults. Trust restored.

“We have been on this three-year journey to transform the IT side of our business with better tools and a standardized infrastructure. Nasuni is a critical part of this digital transformation plan to help our employees work more efficiently and offer better service to our clients.”

Stan Berris
Questar Assessment, Inc.

Improve User Access and Productivity

Really leveraging the power of the cloud means getting more out of existing resources. By creating a platform for shared file services, you can enable users from all over your agency or department to access files, collaborate on projects, and share information that is synchronized minute to minute. Remote offices can avoid not having the latest files and long wait times to get the right information from a central office.

Put Your Infrastructure in an OPEX Model and Save 70%

Eliminate expensive file sharing solutions like WAN acceleration, MPLS, and replication software. The days of needing separate solutions for sharing files, backing them up, storing and protecting them are over. Nasuni allows you to put file storage in an OpEx model and streamline your infrastructure with a single solution that combines NAS, cloud backup, and disaster recovery (DR) – saving companies up to 70%.

“If we lost our data center, all we would have to do is find a PC and point to the Nasuni share in the cloud. It would literally take minutes to recover data.”

Paul Feilmeier
IT Director, Faith Regional Health Services

Free Up Your Most Valuable People

Your most experienced IT members want to drive new initiatives – but they can’t if they are babysitting backups, constantly provisioning new storage, and trying to chase after impossible-to-predict requests for more disk space. Free up the time of your most talented team members, including those working remotely, by moving to a cloud platform that eliminates repetitive storage tasks.

Why the Public Sector Needs a Global File System

Nasuni uses the power of its patented global file system to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured data files across an unlimited number of users and locations. Everything from video files to office data can be accessed across multiple sites and users securely.

Using the power of the cloud, Nasuni eliminates many costs associated with traditional file infrastructure, including the cost of backup, storage refreshes, manually provisioning new offices with storage racks, WAN expansion and developing multi-year CapEx budgets for new storage.

That’s why innovative state and local agencies are using Nasuni to replace the costly, complex silos of legacy NAS, backup and archive infrastructure, so they can more efficiently serve their constituents and offer new services.

Cloud File Services Benefits

The Field Museum

The Field Museum Overcomes Unpredictable File Growth and Rising Costs with Nasuni Cloud File Services

Saint Michaels College

Premier College Simplifies File Storage with Nasuni

Educational Testing Leader Modernizes File Storage with Nasuni

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