Global File Share

Global file access is already an expectation of most users. Nasuni provides access to a global fileshare of data around the world at local speeds, making it so teams in Singapore, Sao Paolo and San Francisco can collaborate on projects.



Your end users are spread all over the world, and many teams are now comprised of people working across multiple offices. File storage is built and optimized for local access – not for today’s global organizations. Between traveling users and remote employees, someone is always unhappy with the performance of the network drive. How can you deliver global access with local performance?

The Nasuni Solution

Using the cloud as the primary storage pool, Nasuni Filers have read and write access to a dataset shared all over the world. Each office and mobile employee can access a single global fileshare that makes teamwork and collaboration possible, regardless of geography. With Nasuni, the data center fileshare is now available anywhere in the world at local speeds. Siloed local fileshares will soon be a thing of the past, replaced by a single global fileshare off of which everyone is working.

“Traditionally, offices were siloed, independent entities, but now we’ve become a much more collaborative environment with offices working together–teams on the East Coast working on West Coast projects.”

— Mike Driscoll, Infrastructure Architect


Shared Global Access – Using continuous snapshots and synchronization, Nasuni Filers are able to communicate with the cloud storage volume and share access to a single global fileshare. End users in each office access the fileshare just as they do today – but with local performance. Built upon UniFS®, Nasuni’s global access capability does not place limits on the number of locations or the amount of bandwidth. Built for the real world, one office or node going offline does not cripple the system as it does with some products. Instead, the Nasuni solution operates as normal, and the offline office is added in once it comes back online.

Local Performance and Continuous Uptime – Nasuni Filers are deployed anywhere an enterprise needs local storage and backup, ensuring high performance in every data center, branch and remote office. These appliances cache the most frequently accessed and critical data to deliver NAS and SAN storage in each location for users and applications. Each Filer is connected to a shared pool of cloud storage that contains the authoritative copy of data – the “gold” copy. Using this unique cloud-first architecture, Nasuni is not dependent upon local hardware or bandwidth.

Centralized Management – Using the Nasuni Management Console, IT can administer data volumes, Filers, backup schedules and retention settings from a single console so that management is simplified and streamlined. In addition to a single set of permissions for both local and mobile access, Nasuni Filers also perform global deduplication. Even as the global fileshare grows, only changed data is sent to the cloud.


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Global File Locking

Global File Locking enables collaboration among users of files no matter where users are located. The most up to date copy of the data and its lock status is maintained in the cloud but served to the user locally. This enables global access and collaboration with a local storage user experience, while maintaining consistency of the data and avoiding conflicts.








A Comparative Overview of Nasuni vs. Panzura

Cloud storage offers benefits to traditional hardware storage. However, these features alone do not adequately address storage challenges in the enterprise because cloud storage lacks the centralized management, control and local performance required for efficient business operations. This document compares two solutions that deliver enterprise cloud-integrated storage using two distinct approaches.


Demo: Global File Locking

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