Data Archiving

Data Archiving promises reduced costs but also means adding new technologies and new management. Nasuni capitalizes on cloud storage economics and automatically archives data to the cloud, without the need for any additional tools.


The Challenge: Unstructured Data Growth

Unstructured data growth and expanding retention policies are forcing you to get creative with the storage architecture, as buying more disk on the primary array is no longer practical. Data archiving products in the market today require lifecycle management policies, data classification and ongoing curation – an entire set of responsibilities just to manage more storage. How can you keep more, spend less, and do it all without adding workload to your already incredibly busy team?

The Nasuni Data Archiving Solution

Nasuni’s data volumes archive data automatically as files and folders age out of the local Filer appliances. There are no complex rules or lifecycle policies – data is moved automatically and retrieved the instant it is needed. With sophisticated retention policies, the ability to index data using cloud compute, and scaling well beyond traditional storage, Nasuni is an ideal enterprise file solution for anyone looking to archive data. Our customers use Nasuni to manage data growth, handle litigation support, reduce costs and for many other archiving purposes.

“With Litigation Support, we can get a call at any moment and have to store anywhere from 30 GB to 3 TB of data. We need to scale almost instantly. Nasuni gives us the ability to scale when we need to and total control over the data.”

— Matt Donehoo, Director of Information Systems


Unlimited Scaling – Nasuni Filers are sophisticated caching devices that present the entire file system, but use their local storage to serve up the most recently accessed and pre-seclected (pinned) files. Combined with the infinite storage space in the cloud, the Nasuni solution can scale regardless of how fast your organization and its data are growing, without requiring frequent additional hardware purchases. Nasuni’s patented UniFS® file system has no scaling limits and does not degrade as the object counts or terabytes increase. Whether the system is 10TB, 100TB or 10PB, it is available through every Filer – regardless of size or local hardware.

Unlimited Fast-access Snapshots – Nasuni combines primary storage, data archiving and offsite disaster recovery into a single enterprise storage solution. Every Filer leverages an unlimited stream of snapshots stored in the WORM object storage of the cloud – ensuring data is safe, secure and persistent. When old data is needed, Nasuni shines – unlike the slow deliberate access of most data archiving systems today, Nasuni can restore files, folders or event whole file systems to immediate access in seconds

Cost Savings – Combining the pay-as-you-grow economics of cloud storage with highly efficient Nasuni Filer caching devices, the Nasuni data archiving solution delivers major cost savings for customers. Instead of constantly busying hardware to grow, customers add capacity in the cloud while keeping their local infrastructure the same. Nasuni clients are saving as much as 50% – 70% against traditional archiving products.


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