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Nasuni Solution Brief

Nasuni Solution for Healthcare Files and PACS Images

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of dealing with an explosion of data of all kinds. Structured data, like Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR, sometimes EMR) are growing quickly, but unstructured data, such as PACS medical images, and administrative files are growing in both size and numbers.
Nasuni Enterprise File Services support your healthcare IT strategy by:

  • Securely managing, protecting, and archiving files while complying with your HIPAA requirements
  • Freeing up your IT organization from worrying about data protection and disaster recovery
  • Enabling file sharing across multiple healthcare delivery locations in your network
  • Offering unlimited file storage without the need for repeated storage refreshes
  • Providing the economic benefits and flexibility of a cloud-based service

As healthcare storage requirements grow, the needs for scalable, secure and HIPAA compliant storage infrastructure grow along with them. Download the industry solution brief to learn more.