Nasuni Data Sheet


NASUNI PRIMARY is the modern, cloud-based solution that transforms primary NAS and file server storage, data protection, and disaster recovery. NASUNI PRIMARY is part of the NasuniĀ® Cloud File Servicesā„¢ product family, a consolidated platform that enables enterprises to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured file data at unlimited scale. When NASUNI PRIMARY is used in conjunction with NASUNI ARCHIVE, primary files that are no longer regularly accessed will be reclassified at the lower NASUNI ARCHIVE price, so you’ll pay less to store your inactive data – without ever again having to move it.

Available stand-alone or bundled with other services, NASUNI PRIMARY gives IT a more scalable, cost-effective, resilient, and manageable file storage solution that meets cloud-first objectives and eliminates tedious data migrations and forklift upgrades. End users gain the limitless capacity of private (on-premises) or public cloud object storage for group shares, project directories, and home drives; LAN-speed access to files in any edge location; and fast recovery of files to any point in time.