Nasuni Solution Brief

Nasuni for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Nasuni® is the new strategic platform for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms in need of scalable file storage to improve collaboration and project management. Nasuni consolidates Network Attached Storage (NAS), file archiving, data protection, global file access, and disaster recovery (DR) in a single, infinitely scalable cloud-based solution. Users in every location, from headquarters to temporary job sites, gain fast, secure access to files, making distributed teams more productive. Powered by the first global file system designed to live in Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and other public and private cloud object stores, Nasuni (“NAS Unified”) is the modern, pay-as-you-grow file services solution for today’s AEC companies.

  • Improve project collaboration across remote locations and temporary job sites with global file access & sharing
  • Provision NAS on-demand for every-growing project directories and group shares
  • Advance digital transformation initiatives with a cloud-first solution
  • Accelerate job site productivity by quickly spinning up file servers and integrating legacy app data
  • Archive completed projects at low-cost but have them quickly accessible if needed
  • Reduce storage costs up to 60% and convert CAPEX to OPEX