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Nasuni Solution Brief

Nasuni and VxRail

As companies strive to make their data centers more efficient, scalable and compact, the Dell EMC VxRail™ family of hyper-converged appliances effectively merges compute, storage and hypervisors into a single high-performance system. Organizations can easily scale up in small, efficient increments, split data across multiple nodes to protect against the failure of any one system and optimize performance for workloads. With VxRail, high-performance storage, compute and hypervisors all fall under one centrally managed solution.

As more enterprises adopt Nasuni Cloud File Services™ to modernize how they store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on fast-growing file data, the need for Nasuni Edge Appliances to cache actively used files from cloud object storage is increasing. Nasuni customers can choose from a lineup of preconfigured Dell EMC PowerEdge appliances re-branded and offered by Nasuni. Or, they can now use their existing VxRail virtual infrastructure to power virtual Nasuni Edge Appliances.