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5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs

Did you know Nasuni deployments are saving customers millions? Transitioning to storage-as-a-service is enabling forward thinking IT organizations to save money on investments in backup software, primary storage, MPLS, and even tape.

Whether you are struggling with protecting data in all of your offices, managing data growth or just making backups work, Nasuni can save you money right now. One leading architecture customer reduced a $3M investment to only $200K in the first year!

Download our newest white paper, “5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs”, which details five examples of customers who have saved anywhere from thousands and millions with Nasuni. Cloud-integrated Storage (CiS) allows businesses to:

  1. Replace backup in remote offices
  2. Replace tape backup systems
  3. Reduce dependency on MPLS
  4. Eliminate costs of replicated copies
  5. Cut costs on primary storage

With examples of savings from backup software, tape, primary storage, MPLS and replicated copies you are sure to find a place where Nasuni can help you cut costs today.

5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs

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