How It Works

Nasuni is NAS Unified


What if you had NAS with unlimited storage capacity, built-in data protection, global file sharing and mobile access — all managed from a centralized console? What we’re describing is Nasuni Enterprise File Services™. A powerful, unified approach to NAS for file data storage.

Nasuni delivers file data storage for distributed enterprises through a combination of hardware, software and cloud services. It’s powered by our patented global file system, UniFS® which manages files, file locking, snapshots, caching and other vital services. Nasuni Edge Appliances, our storage controllers powered by UniFS®, cache data locally providing high performance for users while the master copy of each file and directory is stored and protected in the cloud. With Nasuni, users can share files securely and collaborate across the globe as if they were all in the same office location. See below for more details about how Nasuni works.

Technical Brief

Global File Locking

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See Nasuni in Action

Watch this short presentation and see why Nasuni is Storage for the Distributed Enterprise.

Global File System

UniFS® manages caching of active data locally in physical or virtual Nasuni Edge Appliances so it can be accessed in any location or at multiple locations simultaneously. Utilizing UniFS®, Nasuni keeps the master copy of the data in the cloud. This means that data storage is infinitely scalable and protected in the cloud. Availability and scalability of access are maintained since access to the data is not dependent on any given device.

Using the scalability of cloud storage, snapshots can be taken as frequently as once a minute and kept forever providing built-in backup and archive at no additional cost and with no additional hardware or software. UniFS® allows data restoration to any point in time at the file, folder, or volume level instantly by restoring metadata first.

The Nasuni Edge Appliance

The Nasuni Edge Appliance can be used to handle both NAS and SAN workloads including CIFS, NFS and FTP. Multiple NAS protocols can be used to access the data simultaneously. Each edge appliance caches frequently accessed files using sophisticated and proprietary caching algorithms. Users see local performance with only a small percentage of the total dataset in their local storage.

The line of Nasuni Edge Appliances offers flexibility to deliver the optimal solution in every office – ranging from the corporate data center all the way to remote and branch locations.

Mobile Access

Nasuni provides mobile access to phone and tablet users with an app called Nasuni Mobile available on iOS or Android devices. Nasuni Mobile provides secure access to corporate documents, photos, video and other data stored with Nasuni.

For desktop or laptop users, Nasuni Sync allows users to synchronize files with Nasuni for local client backup, secure sharing within the organization or offline access. Both Nasuni Mobile and desktop synchronization provide secure access via HTTPS with all access control applied.

Global Locking

Nasuni provides file locking at the file system level via UniFS®, as applications use it today on any CIFS/SMB or NFS share. When an application opens a file with a write lock, it will appear to the application exactly as it does on any other NAS device or Windows File Server. The application behaves the same way it always does and there is no change to the user’s experience whether collaborating with someone in the next office or across the globe.

When users who write data are distributed at multiple sites UniFS® Global Locking Service allows them to collaborate using the data wherever they are without risk of losing or corrupting any data while preserving all data changes. The Global Locking Service runs in the cloud so locking is always available and scalable to the global enterprise without dependency on any device to maintain lock states.

Management and Security

The Nasuni Management Console centralizes and simplifies control of every Filer and Volume, creating a single pane of glass for administrators. NMC is capable of managing hundreds of Nasuni Edge Appliances located around the world. NMC runs as a virtual appliance, and is accessed via a web interface. It communicates with the edge appliances via cloud messaging, and not with direct individual connections maintaining scalability.

Access to data can be controlled using Microsoft’s Active Directory, the standard for access control in the enterprise. Each Nasuni Edge Appliance can be joined to the domain and Active Directory users and groups used for both file and folder level access control as well as login access to the Nasuni Management Console.

All data stored with Nasuni is encrypted both in flight and at rest in the cloud using customer controlled keys. This simple design principle means that neither Nasuni nor the cloud storage vendor ever has access to data. Furthermore, it transforms cloud storage from an unprotected pool of shared storage into a secure repository.