Nasuni Filer 2.0 Expands into Microsoft Country

Nasuni Filer 2.0 Expands into Microsoft Country | Nasuni

November 19, 2013

Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni, which prides itself on making the cloud usable to business users, is very excited and animated about the debut of Nasuni Filer 2.0., which e calls “a virtual NAS appliance that provides secure in-network access to unlimited storage.” The new version offers enhanced performance in Windows environments with full support for Hyper-V (a common destination for storage companies lately) and Azure, which Rodriguez likes a lot. There is also support for DFS namespaces and Windows Previous Versions. In addition, Rodriguez says 2.0 now supports private clouds and enables customers to provide their own “cloud credentials, increasing the flexibility of the product.”

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