Nasuni Issues Disaster Recovery Challenge

August 17, 2010

Campaign Targets Futility of Traditional Tape and Disk-based DR Plans, Offers Solutions in the Cloud

NATICK, Mass., August 17, 2010 – Nasuni®, creator of the industry’s leading cloud-based NAS, today announced its follow-up to last month’s daring Security Challenge.  The Cloud Storage Disaster Recovery Challenge aims to confront common notions that the cloud cannot provide a practical disaster recovery plan; to raise awareness of faults inherent in traditional disaster recovery schemes; and to help businesses find viable solutions in cloud storage.

As data volumes grow, so do backup costs – and thus the expense of data recovery: in a report titled The Cost of Lost Data, Pepperdine University calculated the price of a lost megabyte as upwards of $10,000. Given these expenses, businesses ought to consider whether their backup model adequately protects mission-critical data from catastrophe – be it natural disaster, software corruption, hardware failure, or even human error. In its free white paper, Disaster Recovery and the Cloud: New solutions for offsite data protection, Nasuni addresses tape, disk, and cloud technologies, then covers pros and cons of each approach as they relate to the following considerations: downtime, data integrity, cost, simplicity and security.

“This white paper serves a dual purpose – the first is to help users establish their own priorities when developing a DR plan, and the second is to help determine whether cloud-based DR can meet their business’ need for offsite data protection,” said Andres Rodriguez, Nasuni’s CEO.

As a supplement to the white paper, Nasuni has also produced a short, humorous video about disaster recovery. Titled Restoration Frustration: a Creation of the Nasuni Corporation, the video juxtaposes two disaster recovery scenarios: one using tape backup, and the other using cloud storage with the Nasuni Filer. Said Rodriguez, “Restoration Frustration is our own form of IT satire.”

The lynchpin of the Disaster Recovery Challenge is the challenge itself: for stories. Nasuni encourages IT professionals throughout the industry to send tales of their own restoration frustrations – writers whose stories are published on Nasuni’s website will be given a $50 iTunes gift card. Stories should be no fewer than 200 words.

According to Rodriguez, “Everyone has their own exasperations with DR. Whether its busted tapes or corrupted software, we want to hear about it – we want the industry to hear.”

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About Nasuni

Nasuni was founded in 2009 by storage veterans to deliver a secure gateway to cloud storage that makes the cloud feasible for business users. The Nasuni Filer is a virtual NAS file server that runs on VMware and leverages the resources of the cloud to simplify file storage and protection. Targeting the mid-market, Nasuni’s solution eliminates the need for incremental storage hardware and the resulting capital expense to manage unstructured file growth. The company is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners. To download the Nasuni Filer, or for more information, visit

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