Protect Your Structured Data with Rubrik; Store and Protect Your File Data with Nasuni

Nasuni and Rubrik are partners in cloud transformation. Rubrik is modern backup architected for the cloud. Nasuni is modern NAS architected for the cloud. Use us together to bring speed and savings to your enterprise.

Rubrik for the Apps, Nasuni for the Files

For applications running on-prem and in the cloud, Rubrik delivers all aspects of data management, including backup, replication, DR, archival, and analytics.

For unstructured file data, Nasuni delivers all aspects of enterprise file services, including primary and archive capacity, continuous data protection, DR, multi-site file synchronization, and collaboration.

Rubrik + Nasuni

Twins in Near-Zero RTOs

Rubrik replicates VMs and apps between data centers and clouds, enabling you to instantly recover them anywhere, without restoring to another endpoint.

Nasuni continuously snapshots files as they change, enabling you to instantly recover them anywhere you have a connection to cloud storage. Nasuni’s global file system can be rehydrated on any edge appliance on-prem or in the cloud in minutes, since our intelligent caching architecture only restores the files and metadata that are actively used.

Together, you get near-zero RTOs for all your apps, structured data, and unstructured data, in both standard backup and disaster recovery scenarios.

Maximum Deployment Flexibility

Run us on-prem in your data center or at the edge. Spin us up completely in the cloud. Or use us in a hybrid cloud deployment model. Together, we let you take your apps and data anywhere. Safely.

Choose Your Cloud

Deploy Rubrik and Nasuni with your preferred cloud storage provider. We both support Azure and Amazon. Rubriks support Google Cloud, which Nasuni plans to support.

Nasuni also gives you the option to use Dell EMC, IBM, Hitachi, and Western Digital private cloud object storage.

Get Started with Nasuni + Rubrik Today

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