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A Scalable Global File Solution for the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Enterprises focused on improving data center efficiency and agility are adopting Nutanix, which merges compute, block storage and virtualization into a single, scalable hyperconverged infrastructure solution. However, Nutanix customers must also address another critical business concern: how to manage the steady growth in the volume and size of unstructured file data. Nasuni, when combined with Nutanix, offers an efficient solution to the file and block storage challenge.

Nutanix Objects Equals Scalability for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Storage

Nutanix Objects™ is an integral part of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform   It’s easily enabled on the Nutanix cluster through a simple software update.  Just a few clicks, and your hyperconverged infrastructure now has access to a software-defined object storage solution that non-disruptively scales-up and scales-out while lowering overall costs. It’s designed with an S3-compatible REST API interface to handle terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data, all from a single namespace.

Nutanix for Hosting Nasuni Edge Appliances

Nasuni Edge Appliances are stateless, on-premises caches that provide NAS-level access to active files through standard CIFS and NFS protocols.  Nutanix is the ideal host when Nasuni Edge APpliances are deployed as virtual machines.  Each Nasuni Edge Appliance VM links the Nutanix node to one or more of Nasuni’s secure cloud storage volumes.  Nasuni ensures only the frequently accessed files stay resident on the local Nutanix-hosted VM.  The remaining files are stored only in the cloud.  Nasuni Edge Appliances VMs can be deployed on Nutanix nodes running Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) or VMware vSphere. 

“Public cloud services have changed expectations. Data must be always on and immediately available anywhere business takes place. As hyperconverged infrastructure radically simplifies data center design for IT, business teams need cloud-like simplification when accessing data, without the high latencies typically associated with distance. Nutanix and Nasuni are partnering to transform how data is managed and consumed wherever business takes place, whether at the corporate office or remote.”

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst

Nutanix Objects + Nasuni

When combined with the scale and resiliency of Nutanix Objects, Nasuni enables new and faster workflows across multi-site companies.  By storing all enterprise files in an object storage-based global file system and caching just the active files and metadata on edge appliances wherever high-performance access is needed, Nasuni transforms file storage into a cloud-scale service.

Transformational Capability: Global File Synchronization

Nasuni and Nutanix Objects deliver a key digital transformation capability not available with traditional NAS and file servers – the ability to share files across any number of locations. The Nasuni platform uses Nutanix Objects as the one true source of all files, then keeps active files synchronized on edge appliances so everyone in every office is always working on the latest version. It’s like having one massive global file server.

Global Collaboration, Too

Nasuni with Nutanix Objects offers another digital transformation capability not found anywhere else – Nasuni Global File Lock®.

Implemented as a scalable cloud service instead of tied to a single NAS controller or cluster, Nasuni Global File Lock ensures only one person in the world can edit a file at a time, helping minimize version conflict and productivity loss.

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