Nasuni Hosts The Last Jedi – Movie Premiere Recap

Last Friday, hundreds of IT pros joined Nasuni for a private screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at AMC theaters across the U.S. Being among the first to see the most anticipated movie of the holiday season was a welcome change to the usual morning meetings.

Nasuni, our partners, and our guests socialized over pastries and bagels, held mock battles with lightsabers, tested each other’s knowledge of The Force, and even dressed the part (the Obi-Wan Kenobi lookalike was pretty authentic!).

Now you may be wondering, what does Star Wars have to do with file storage? Quite a lot it turns out. We first had some fun with 6 Things Star Wars Can Teach Us About File Storage, which we wrote to help people justify going to the movie. It’s pretty clear that if Darth Vader had Nasuni and cloud storage, The Empire might have had an easier time taking over the galaxy!

We had even more fun building this short movie we showed before The Last Jedi. It’s from the point of view of Colonel Tim Jerjerred, Director of Servers and Storage for the Evil Galactic Empire. Turns out the Empire isn’t all that different from other large enterprises trying keep up with fast-growing file data.

We had a blast putting on this event. Thanks to everyone who was able to come. As our CEO says in the video, may Nasuni, the cloud, and The Force be with you!