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Nasuni, Docker, Rubrik, and Palo Alto Networks Showcased in New Azure Campaign at Microsoft US Digital Transformation Academy

This week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Microsoft is hosting a major US training event for more than 4,000 Microsoft executives, sellers, partner managers, and marketing staff.

Aptly named Microsoft US Digital Transformation Academy, it brings Microsoft team members, tech visionaries, and innovative partners like Nasuni together to hear Microsoft’s digital transformation story from end to end.

Not only is Nasuni one of the select sponsors, but we are also included in a major campaign that Microsoft is launching at the event. The “Modern Cloud Data and Application Services” campaign features Nasuni, Docker, Rubrik, and Palo Alto Networks as 4 pillar Azure solutions that can accelerate digital transformation.

As this slide from the Microsoft launch presentation shows, Palo Alto Networks is the security pillar, Rubrik is the structured data management pillar, Nasuni is the global file infrastructure pillar, and Docker is the build/run/ship apps pillar.

Want to know more about Nasuni and how we compliment these other Azure pillar solutions?