Nasuni Culture: Engineering After Hours

So what do Nasuni engineers do for fun? Build flying robots, naturally. Here’s a quick look at our community drone-building event.Engineering-After-Hours-DronesA few nights ago, after the end of the normal workday, I noticed a crowd spilling out of the office of one of our chief engineers. They weren’t pushing out a new version of Nasuni or brainstorming potential Cloud NAS features to add down the road. No, they were assembling a drone. As I popped in for a closer look, someone reminded me that this was our inaugural community drone-building event. The array of electronics and the pungent smell of melting solder was enough to draw me in –– but the informal gathering also offered a great glimpse of the culture here at Nasuni.

Senior software engineer Mike Shephanski sparked the group’s interest in the project after he built a few drones of his own, and learned several valuable lessons in the process. One of his early drones, for example, had a relatively small frame with powerful electric motors. Piloting the craft was a challenge, to say the least. “It was like learning to drive on a McLaren,” Shepanski said.

Drone-Close-UpHe also discovered just how expensive it can be to buy all the parts necessary. After a few other Nasuni employees heard about his hobby, and had a chance to pilot one of the drones themselves, a group of them decided to chip in enough money for a kit. Last Monday was the first build night, and it really said a lot about the kind of people that work at Nasuni. We are geeks. We were founded by engineers, and that engineering mindset has always been at the core of our business. At the start of a long workweek, a dozen people were actually staying after hours to build a flying machine together.

A Culture of Engineering

At one point, a new employee stopped by the room and asked if everyone in there was an engineer. A few of them said no, and explained that they worked in customer support, quality assurance and a few other areas. But Shepanski, the software engineer and chief drone builder, quickly disagreed. He said he thought of them as engineers, too, even though they weren’t involved in day-to-day software development. And I completely agree with his stance. Nasuni is staffed with talented engineers in almost every department. From disaster recovery to scale-out-storage, we believe it’s critical for as many employees as possible to have a deep technical understanding of our technology and its advantages. That’s part of who we are as a company, and it’s one of the reasons Nasuni Cloud NAS has been adopted by more and more businesses each year.

Learn More About Nasuni Culture

The group didn’t finish assembling the drone that night, but they’re planning to meet again soon. To keep track of their progress, and find out more about Nasuni culture, follow us on Instagram. And if you’re interested in learning more about Cloud NAS and the impacts it can have on your business, sign up for a free demo.




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