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Nasuni Cloud NAS Presents: Exclusive Star Wars Screening

Andrew-Lickly-Star-WarsOn December 18th, Nasuni will be hosting exclusive screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at locations across the country. Before we get into the event details – yes, there will be free lightsabers – I need to indulge my inner Skywalker.

The movie will feature a number of new villains and heroes, and the trailers have sparked endless questions. Who’s the new Vader fan? Are Han and Leia still together? Has Luke gone to the dark side? Did Jar Jar join him? Is Finn meant to represent the contemporary IT Director who ditches traditional storage for Nasuni Cloud NAS?

OK, so maybe that last one isn’t the biggest question on the fan sites. But bear with me for a minute as I explain. Based on the trailers, it looks like a young man named Finn switches jobs at some point in the film. He starts out as a disenchanted Stormtrooper, then learns the ways of the Jedi. That’s a little bit of a guess on my part, but he’s flinging a lightsaber around in a bunch of the preview scenes, so it’s a solid bet.

Even if you lay aside the whole good vs. evil aspect of his career change, the switch must have a really liberating effect. Think about it. This young man starts out in that cumbersome Stormtrooper armor, wielding a huge gun, lumbering around, knocking his head on rafters, etc. Then he trades all that excess gear for a single lightsaber that clips to his belt like a smartphone. And by shedding all that extra equipment he actually gains even more power and control.


The Cloud NAS Journey

You know where I’m going, right? This Jedi’s journey is what IT professionals go through when they switch to Nasuni. All of your storage and protection hardware, your remote office silos, the mobile devices your users love — everything gets wrapped up under the protection of a single, elegant enterprise storage solution. Before the screenings next month, we’re planning to take a few minutes to introduce prospective clients to some of the benefits of Cloud NAS, but the highlights include:

If you haven’t reached out to us already, this is your chance to see the year’s most anticipated movie, learn how to manage file data sprawl while reducing costs and take home a free lightsaber. Although demand has been hot, there may be a few spots left.