Multi-Site Collaboration


Optimize Workforce Productivity

The Nasuni File Data Platform consolidates and centralizes all files into a global file system delivering global file sharing and collaboration. Our technology enables your organization to address file sharing fearlessly, even while the size and volume of your unstructured data grows. With the Multi-Site Collaboration add-on service, this ability is enhanced with faster data propagation and reduced version conflict and productivity loss, meaning your organization can be more in sync than ever.

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Share Any File, Regardless of Size or Type

Nasuni lets you share files with anyone in the world as if they were sitting six feet away and keep everyone synchronized to the latest version. Files are chunked, encrypted, compressed and transferred through internet connections, not expensive WAN/MPLS lines. The result, files of any size can be shared fast, shaving minutes, even hours off of file transfer times.

Consistent File Locking Anywhere

With Nasuni Global File Locking (GFL), users can share and collaborate on files worldwide with the same locking experience they now enjoy with single-site NAS infrastructure. Nasuni GFL enables active file collaboration between any sites or locations without the worry of data conflicts or corruption, and maintains security, ensuring that all traffic, whether it’s data, management, or locking related, is fully encrypted.

Synchronize Sites Across the Globe

Global File Acceleration (GFA) delivers more intelligent file synchronization across cloud regions or on-premises locations, helping customers to improve file sharing collaboration and optimize workforce productivity. The highly-available cloud service tracks near real-time file usage activity to orchestrate and prioritize the propagation of new files to all locations globally. With GFA, new files can become available to all global users in a matter of seconds. As a bonus, GFA further strengthens our advantage in Rapid Ransomware Recovery, setting even tighter Recovery Point Objectives on newly-created data to minimize the risk of data loss.

Prerequisites: Multi-site Collaboration is an add-on service requiring Nasuni File Data Platform version 9.9.
Multi-Site Collaboration requires configuration and activation by Nasuni.