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Microsoft Features The Field Museum in New Azure-Nasuni Joint Case Study

Success stories highlighting Azure have quickly moved to the number two product position on the Microsoft Customer Stories page, just behind Office 365.  It’s not surprising given the versatility of the Microsoft Cloud platform. Organizations of all sizes and from all industries are looking for ways to leverage the cloud to reduce IT costs and gain improved functionality over legacy systems. Recently, Microsoft added Nasuni customer The Field Museum as a joint case study to the  Azure Customer Stories.

The Field Museum, based in Chicago, Illinois, is not your typical natural history museum. With over 30 million items in its collection and nearly 2 million annual visitors, it’s one of the largest of its kind. It also functions as an active research institution. During its mission to digitize its entire collection, The Field Museum ran into file storage challenges. Needing to scale capacity quickly and on-demand, better protect the digital records of life on earth, and repurpose the floor space used by on-premises storage hardware for its expanding collections, the IT team realized the traditional approach to file storage would not work.

Preserving A Digital Record of Life On Earth

The Field Museum is in the process of digitizing its entire collection of 30 million items. This long-term project has been driving a steady but unpredictable increase in file storage volume. By partnering with Nasuni and Microsoft Azure, The Field Museum upgraded to unlimited, on-demand scalability, improved its data protection and saved 60%. Read the full customer story »

Microsoft’s new Azure-Nasuni case study explains how the combination of Nasuni enterprise file services and Azure object storage is enabling The Field Museum to store, protect, and share its high-res image files, DNA sequencing data and traditional office documents.  With the joint solution, the museum is benefiting from:

  • A 60% reduction in file storage costs
  • The elimination of traditional file backup and related software costs, IT administration costs, and backup maintenance windows.
  • 24/7 access to files for researchers
  • Simplified management through a single-pane-of-glass console
  • Enhanced data protection with up-to-the-minute RPOs and RTOs
  • The ability to scale capacity on demand to accommodate unplanned donations and gifts

Hear directly from Rob Zschernitz, Chief Technology Officer of The Field Museum

Together, Nasuni and Azure are saving the nonprofit significant time and money, while enabling both IT and researchers to worry less about their file problems, and focus more on the work that really matters: preserving a digital record of life on earth.

After you read the Azure-Nasuni customer success story over at, watch the interview with Field Museum CTO Rob Zschernitz to learn more about the IT and business benefits of Azure and Nasuni.