Leading Home Audio Manufacturer Turns to Nasuni for File Storage

D+M Group heos7Our customers reach out to Nasuni because they either want to solve a very specific pain point – rising backup costs, for example – or address an entire laundry list of problems related to unstructured data growth. D+M Group, a global provider of innovative and high quality sound solutions, belongs to the latter category. They were struggling to store, protect and extend access to an ever expanding number of business files. Since they have only six IT professionals worldwide supporting a user base of nearly 1,000, the solution had to have a powerful, centralized management platform.

Before I detail how Nasuni helped them solve these problems, let me back up. The company, comprised of leading brands such as Denon, Marantz, HEOS and Boston Acoustics, has expanded over the years through acquisitions. This led to an interesting infrastructure problem. At one point, D+M Group had 62 offices with 62 different storage solutions. Eventually, the IT group consolidated to three major data centers serving half that many locations. But this scenario led to problems of its own.

D+M Group Heos-5First of all, this hardware-dependent infrastructure didn’t scale. Unstructured data growth was driving up storage and backup costs. The engineers at the company also wanted access to their files no matter where they were working. Some end users were relying on USB drives and other insecure methods to give themselves remote and mobile access, then spending precious time trying to restore lost data.

D+M Group tested three other solutions before choosing to partner with Nasuni. Since making the switch, the company has completely transformed its global file storage infrastructure, consolidating to a single, infinitely scalable solution. A few of the key advantages:

  • D+M Group eliminated its backup costs thanks to Nasuni’s built-in protection.
  • Employees at all locations – including those on mobile devices – now enjoy fast, secure access to files
  • Centralized management allows IT to easily manage the entire enterprise storage infrastructure
  • Simple self-restores reduce the IT support burden

Hear directly from Scott Strickland, Global CIO of D+M Group

As an unexpected benefit, the company has also used Nasuni to defend itself against several ransomware attacks. These events could have severely impacted operations if the company was still relying on backups. Often, companies that depend on backup as a ransomware defense lose critical work or end up paying off the hackers. But with Nasuni’s built-in protection, the IT group at D+M has avoided payments and business disruptions. Nasuni allows its customers to simply restore to previous versions of the maliciously encrypted files. Our clients lose minutes of work, but no more.

D+M Group has already moved 45 TB of file data to Nasuni and is continuing to grow. “It just works,” says Scott Strickland, Global CIO, D+M Group. “I have a global solution with best-in-class DR leveraging infrastructure I can trust. And it costs less.”

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