Infographic: The Evolution of File Storage

The difficulty of storing, protecting and managing files is not a new phenomenon. Companies have been struggling with files since the days of paper and punch cards, and the history of file storage technology is all about the efforts to simplify the process. Our new infographic, The Evolution of File Storage, charts this occasionally painful history, from filing cabinets to mushroom mines, and outlines a more promising future.

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We’re at an interesting moment now, as businesses are starting to shift from legacy file storage hardware to more versatile and cost-effective cloud storage solutions. It’s a necessary move. The traditional file servers of the 1990s and 2000s offered a welcome solution to data growth, allowing companies to move files off expensive hardware designed for structured workloads and onto less expensive storage. Soon, though, cracks in that model began to appear. As files started growing in size and volume, companies were being forced to refresh their hardware every three to five years. IT professionals had no time to align their work with the goals of the business. They were too busy becoming storage procurement experts. Not to mention that capacity was only one dimension of their file woes. They’d have to layer on additional solutions to protect that data and extend high-performance file access across offices and, eventually, to mobile devices. Both the cost and complexity of dealing with files were growing out of control.

The arrival of cloud as a separate, reliable, unlimited object store signaled a new era, but cloud has to be leveraged in the right way to be truly helpful to companies and their IT departments. By providing a complete set of Enterprise File Services in an integrated solution, Nasuni not only delivers a cost-effective system for storing, protecting and extending high-performance access to files. Nasuni’s cloud-native file system, UniFS®, also makes life easier for IT. Standard Nasuni features such as centralized management, predictable pricing, powerful recovery and restore tools were all designed with IT in mind, and our clients are seeing the benefits. The Network Administrator at one customer now spends only a few minutes a week dealing with file storage. The IT department at another client was able to avoid a $1.2M hardware upgrade by switching to Nasuni. They also said goodbye to painful, months-long procurement hassles.

You’ll find these details and more in the infographic. Take a look, and let us know if you have any questions about leveraging cloud to take the pain out of enterprise file storage.

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