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Agency Challenges with Data

The challenge for agencies is simple to articulate but hard to solve: explosive file data growth. Agencies are on the forefront of adopting each new form of digital media from graphics to audio to video to HD video and now 4K video. Normal data growth is compounded by the ever-increasing consumption of the next new thing.

While the core challenge is the growth, the effects of data growth are felt in numerous systems up and down the storage stack. First of all, storage arrays simply fill up. The constant planning for the next storage refresh as capacity is consumed is never ending. Then there’s backup. Whether it’s replication or backup agents, internal network bandwidth to get the data to a server within the available time window is a major problem. There’s also the management of tapes or yet more bandwidth and storage to get the data off-site. Backing up the volumes of file data generated by an agency is an expensive problem along several dimensions: equipment, media and time.

News and events happen 24/7/365 so down time is not an option. That means fast disaster recovery is an agency imperative. This means yet more storage and bandwidth to make sure there’s a hot spare copy of all that data somewhere geographically safe from any one disaster. This is a particularly sensitive issue for agencies with major operations in the New York metro area, which recently faced Hurricane Sandy.

Finally, the business of agencies is inherently mobile and social. Files must be available anywhere the agency has a location, whether that’s an established office, or a traveling employee working out of a coffee shop. As such, fast local access must be provided in the office, but access on mobile devices is equally important. Large files that come back from video shoots on USB drives must be uploaded, protected, secured and made available in multiple places.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services

Nasuni Enterprise File Services combines the scalability, accessibility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the local performance and security of on-site storage to deliver local access, data protection and centralized management of media files across all office locations. Delivered as a service, Nasuni’s unlimited scalability means and end to storage, backup and related infrastructure refreshes.

The solution is especially beneficial to agencies because it addresses these challenges while appearing as a standard NAS device, offering seamless availability to the agency’s existing business and creative applications with no change to the user experience.

Unlimited scalability – Nasuni combines local physical or virtual storage controllers (Nasuni Filers) with consolidated cloud storage to provide unlimited scalability. It does this by caching the active files in the local Nasuni Filers, while sending snapshots of the data as it changes to the cloud. The bulk of data lives in the cloud so only enough storage for the local active data needs to be available while the full ‘master copy’ of all data and history stays in scalable, less costly cloud storage.

Backup, data protection, disaster recovery – Unlimited snapshots stored in multiple geographic locations enables complete data protection for every office, regardless of size or location. Individual files or data for an entire office can be recovered in minutes in the case of business disruption or equipment failure. Unlimited snapshots means no more limits on retention due to storage or media consumption.

Security – Data is secure with Nasuni. Nasuni Filers join the agencies’ Active Directory for full integration with existing user authentication and access control rules. Data sent to the cloud is encrypted using military grade AES-256 encryption before being sent using a key generated and controlled by the agency so data is never available in any way to the cloud provider or Nasuni.

Mobile Access – People on location need to access to media and other files on mobile devices. Nasuni Mobile is a unique capability included with Nasuni file services, providing mobile data access on iOS and Android devices as well as file synchronization on laptops. This is provided securely under IT control without having to put proprietary files on consumer grade “box” services.

Global Access to data – Files are cached locally in an on-site appliance, providing users fast access to all files. Changes and updates to files are constantly sent to the single master copy in the cloud, allowing users in all locations to work with the same set of current media files.

Global File Locking – Uniquely scalable cloud-based global file locking protects media and other files from the possibility of any data loss or corruption from being written simultaneously from remote locations. File locks are extended across the global enterprise and function as if users were accessing files from the same file server.

Central Management – Nasuni includes a central management console. Storage appliances in all locations are centrally managed through a single browser-based interface, enabling uniform policies for backup, user access and security across the entire storage infrastructure.

Download the Nasuni for Media and Advertising Solution Brief (PDF)

Download the Nasuni for Media and Advertising Solution Brief (PDF)

Nasuni provides the benefits of distributed local access without the expense, complication and uncertainty of managing backup in remote locations. In distributed agency environments, it provides fast access to media files, eliminating the impact of cloud latency by locally caching data. Mobile access makes files available anywhere the action is, while central management gives efficient global control to IT.

The Result

In addition to providing local access with built-in data protection, Nasuni reduces costs, improves productivity and reduces the risk of data loss or corruption.

Massively reduced costs – One master copy of all media and other file data is stored in the cloud with only active data cached locally. This eliminates the need for storing cold data on expensive storage while still keeping active data local to users for fast access. Expensive backup systems are eliminated saving bandwidth, money and reducing IT complexity and man-hours. Nasuni scales in the cloud with a simple license so storage and backup refreshes and upgrades become a thing of the past. Agencies see file data storage TCO savings of 40%-65%.

Improved user experience – Users in all locations have access to the same media files in the cloud, providing efficient collaboration. Fast access to data in the office reduces wasted time, while mobile access to files allow agency business to happen wherever it need to happen.

Reduced risk – Data protection built into the solution reduces the risk of data loss or corruption in the case of an equipment failure or business disruption. Backups are always available from any location and users can self-service restore files with the click of a button.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services is an ideal data file storage solution for agencies. Nasuni cost effectively delivers unlimited, secure, protected data file storage. Agency users benefit from fast local access, mobile access and global availability of files. Agency IT benefits from simple, central management, fast deployment, built-in backup and DR, and immediate, unlimited upgradability.


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