Accelerate Research Collaboration

At many large pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, file data is siloed at different locations, rendering efficient file sharing and collaboration all but impossible. By modernizing with Nasuni’s global file system, industry-leading firms are accelerating research collaboration and global workflows. High-speed file synchronization ensures the latest copies of files are rapidly available to every global site, reducing transfer times for large files from hours to minutes or even seconds.

Unlimited, On-Demand Capacity

Critical research and manufacturing processes generate unstructured data at a scale that traditional storage cannot manage cost-effectively. New projects can place unexpected strains on traditional infrastructure, forcing unexpected capacity upgrades. With Nasuni, every site has access to unlimited, on-demand file storage capacity in the cloud, allowing companies to expand as needed and meet the needs of research and business units with speed and efficiency.

Reduce Global Hardware Footprint

Our pharmaceutical and life sciences customers store PBs of file data in the cloud. Previously, these files were typically siloed at dozens or even 100+ locations around the world. Nasuni consolidates all file data in the cloud, which simplifies management, strengthens security, enables unmatched file sharing and collaboration, and drastically reduces hardware. Our customers have exited major data centers, shut down DR locations, consolidated dozens of remote sites into a handful of regional locations, and more.

Reduce Risk Across All Global Sites

The file growth common to many large pharma and life sciences firms also strains existing backup and disaster recovery (DR) plans. Large data sets are difficult to back up within a reasonable window, leaving sites vulnerable to outages, data loss, and ransomware attacks. This research data is one of a company’s most valuable assets, and Nasuni makes it easier to protect in a robust, resilient manner with backup-less, continuous file versioning to the cloud and cloud-based 15-minute DR.

Leverage Cloud Applications

By consolidating global file data in the cloud with Nasuni, our pharmaceutical and life science clients have the ability to securely leverage third-party cloud applications to uncover hidden insights. A cloud-based file system also prepares firms for an hardware-light future in which more user applications shift to the cloud, where they can operate closer to key file data, resulting in optimal performance.


The world’s biggest brands have prepared for the future by modernizing their file storage and data protection with Nasuni.

The performance we’re getting is just radically different from what we were seeing before. It just absolutely changes the way [our users] work and it has absolutely revolutionized their productivity.

Todd Stewart, Vice President, Global Infrastructure and IT Operations, Western Digital

We’ve had a few issues with files or folders that caught ransomware, but we caught it quickly and rolled back to the last Nasuni snapshot within a few hours. Nasuni saves you that time of going offsite, getting tapes, bringing them back, cutting open the tapes, reading them. With Nasuni, it’s just a quick click a box and go, and then all the files are back.

Michael Norman, Infrastructure Engineer, Penspen

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