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IBM Announces Nasuni Reseller Partnership and Joint Customers

Nasuni has been partnering with IBM for several years now, with Nasuni Enterprise File Services being used with IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) as the modern, cloud-based solution for all file storage workloads, including file archiving, primary NAS refresh, remote office file server consolidation, multi-site file synchronization, and more.

Well, our relationship is no longer a well-kept secret. IBM’s popular Thoughts on Cloud blog just published a new article discussing the IBM-Nasuni partnership, which now enables IBM to resell the Nasuni platform with IBM COS. The blog also showcases two of our joint customers from the architecture, engineering and construction industry as examples of how Nasuni’s global file system running inside IBM COS turns unstructured data growth into business advantage.

Here are excerpts from the customer stories.

M+W Group enhances client service


M+W Group, a global leader in specialized engineering and construction services, has turned to IBM COS and Nasuni to unite its global locations under a single file system to help 6,000 employees collaborate on international projects in 30 countries around the world.

The joint IBM COS and Nasuni solution provides M+W with scalable file storage capacity, high-performance file access and high-speed file synchronization, improving collaboration on complex computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) files across multiple sites.

Nasuni’s continuous file versioning also provides M+W Group’s 45 active sites with advanced data protection that meets the company’s aggressive recovery point and recovery time objectives.

“One of the strengths of our business is the number of engineering specialists we can call upon to support our clients,” said Herman Muliady, head of ICT, Global for M+W Group. “We need to be able to form dynamic, cross-functional teams made up of these specialists no matter where they are located. This cannot be accomplished without a fast, efficient way to store and share files. We’re now a year into our deployment, and we’re pleased with how much easier this solution is for our IT team to manage.”

AECOM accelerates large-scale projects

aecomAECOM, the largest global design firm in the world, has more than 600 locations and nearly 88,000 employees. Its major projects include One World Trade Center, Los Angeles International Airport, the China National Convention Center, NASA’s Langley Research Center and the United Arab Emirates’ first national railway.

With file data growing rapidly and a vital need for multi-site project collaboration, AECOM is deploying Nasuni and IBM COS to enable its many billable teams to collaborate without replication or remote access delays. The solution, delivered by IBM Global Services, is uniting all project and group shares under Nasuni’s global file system.

AECOM’s Cleveland office is already seeing benefits:

  • Opening a CAD document in a remote office before Nasuni and Cloud Object Storage would take 15 to 45 minutes. Now, it takes between five and 20 seconds.
  • Backups were previously slow and unreliable, with full backups once a month and daily incrementals that required constant administration. Now, files are continuously versioned every four hours by Nasuni’s global file system with just small fragments of file changes stored in IBM COS Storage. It is automatic, highly reliable, and provides better recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“Given AECOM’s size, there have been a wide range of file storage challenges, from struggles to collaborate on key apps like Revit and ProjectWise across geographies, to the inability to effectively scale storage to meet business needs, to inconsistent and unreliable backups at the edge,” said Senior Global Director of Storage and Backup for AECOM Rohn Noirot, now with IBM Global Services as part of AECOM’s outsourcing contract with IBM. “IBM Cloud Object Storage and Nasuni have already helped overcome these challenges in AECOM’s Cleveland office, and the end users have noticed.”

If this sounds like your organization and you are a Big Blue customer, speak to a Nasuni representative today. They’ll connect you with an IBM Cloud or Storage Specialist to explain in detail how IBM COS and Nasuni work together to overcome unstructured data growth challenges. In the meantime, be sure to read the full IBM blog, “M+W Group and AECOM transform multisite collaboration with IBM Cloud Object Storage and Nasuni.”