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IBM Interconnect 2017: How IBM Cloud Object Storage Can Cure File Growth Pain for Major Enterprises

Enterprises are moving their files to the cloud at an unprecedented rate, but public cloud storage does not suit every organization’s needs. As a company’s unstructured data grows into the hundreds of terabytes or petabyte scale, for example, the economies of scale can start to change. Leveraging private or hybrid object stores may be more cost-effective for large, globally distributed organizations than public cloud storage. We’ve seen this with our own customers, and it’s one of the reasons we’re excited that a proven leader like IBM is expanding its cloud offerings to include more private and hybrid solutions.

Handling this unstructured data growth is a massive challenge, which is why IBM is working with Nasuni and invited John Capello, Vice President of Product Strategy at Nasuni to speak at IBM Interconnect 2017 about how the Nasuni allows Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders to get more out of public, private and hybrid object stores. Specifically, he will cover:

  • The tremendous file growth rates our Fortune 500 customers are experiencing, and how they’re leveraging cloud to control costs and improve efficiency
  • The technology behind Nasuni and how it simplifies file storage, protection, access and management across globally distributed organizations
  • Why Nasuni’s cloud-native file system, UniFS™, has the unique ability to extend to any number of locations without any NAS performance degradation
  • Our proven success with large enterprises, including twenty-six different Fortune 500 companies

We remain major advocates of the scale, resilience and reach of the leading public cloud storage providers. But the Nasuni IBM partnership gives us the flexibility to meet each organization’s needs, whether that means deploying an onsite, hybrid or public cloud solution.

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